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The Path of Mastery 2006

Processwork as a Practice - Life as a Dojo 26 Jan, Feb 2, 9, 16, 2006 from 6.30 to 9.30 pm Portland, OR, Processwork as a Practice - Life as a Dojo: the Path of Mastery. We discover which particular course of mastery life has signed us up for. Among others, we study the path of the disciple, the path of the rebel, the path of the amateur and the path of the hermit. Theory, inner work exercises and and practicing working with indviduals and facilitating groups503 223 8188 for face-to-face, and for participating at a distance via phone and internet.

Jan 16./17 2006

Internet The Organization Person

An Internet Class Case Consultations for Individuals Working in Organizations and Communities. Please contact Ellen 

In 1956 William H Whyte published his classic “The Organization Man”, dedicated to the people, who spend their life working and living within organizations. Today, many of us find ourselves being “an Organization Person”. This Internet Class coaches its participants to understand, get along and influence the organization they work in. It is essentially a case consultation class with prior reading assignments, which focuses on the relationship of the individual to the organization and the professional and personal development within the organizations. This class has the opposite focus of the vision, myth and bottom line class  Where as in the myth vision class we focus on how organizations can change, and even individuals can perceive themselves as organizations and profit from Organizational Development concepts, this internet class focuses on how we as individuals can not only survive, but actually blossom within organizations. It's real title should be: The organization person: a handbook for guerilla survival techniques for individuals inside of organizations or when confronted with them.  Team relationship issues, rank and hierarchy issues, organizational inertia, etc, in the context of case presentations that the participants contribute wil be the main focus in this class. Please sign up before Jan 1 2006 in order to get reading assignements.
Technical requirements: Internet access, current browser

2005, Sept 28, Oct 5,12,19 6-8.30 pm Processwork Institut of Portland MYTH, VISION, STRATEGY: Dreaming, Creativity, and Bottom Line for Organizations and Individuals
This class is designed as a theoretical and experiential laboratory to learn about and try out perspectives and methods at the intersection of Worldwork and Organizational Development. All of our lives are influenced by organizational behavior. All of us are members of the public and many of us work within organizations. And most of us are ourselves organizations of one that are connecting with the world at large through our professional, political and spiritual lives.Traditional Organizational Development is a scientific and experiential approach that has evolved mainly over the past 60 years. It aims at helping organizations to change, to improve the quality of work life, to become more effective, and also to increase financial results. Worldwork is a paradigm with universal categories that can be applied to diverse processes of any collective organization. The two paradigms can compliment and enhance each other.
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